TripAdvisor“Dive in” and explore the marine life of the Coffs Coast

The Solitary Islands Aquarium, Located at Southern Cross University’s National Marine Science Centre, serves as an important community asset helping to bring an awareness and appreciation for our marine environment through education and science. Our facility is focused on regional species, resource management and conservation. The aquarium provides an intimate experience for guests to learn about and to interact with marine life of the Coffs Coast.

Your Window to the Solitary Islands

        Solitary Islands Aquarium video

A window into the unique marine environment of the Coffs Coast awaits you at the Solitary Islands Aquarium. Discover what makes the Coffs Coast so special through our series of aquariums, guided tours and visual displays.

Dive in without getting wet and see animals that call the Coffs Coast home, including colourful clownfish darting amongst the waving tentacles of sea anemone, crayfish and sea urchins slowly cruising over rocks and ledges, the beautiful, but poisonous lionfish gracefully looking for its next meal, and brilliantly coloured angelfish, tangs and butterfly fish gliding over iridescent corals.

Located at the National Marine Science Centre next to the Pacific Bay Resort complex and open every Saturday and Sunday and every day during the NSW school holidays from 10am to 4pm, a visit to the Aquarium will be a memorable and enriching experience for all ages.

All areas of the aquarium are fully wheelchair accessible.

Experience our:

  • Aquariums with exciting local species
  • Touch tank – get up close and personal with a sea star, sea urchins and sea cucumbers
  • Theatrette showcasing locally produced marine videos
  • Games and activities for children
  • Microscopes, hands on displays and information on the biology and geology of the Coffs Coast
  • Guided tours with a qualified marine guide
  • Theme-based exhibits and talks