Your Window to the Solitary Islands

A window into the unique marine environment of the Solitary Islands awaits you at the Solitary Islands Aquarium. Discover what makes the Solitary Islands Marine Park so special through our series of aquariums, guided tours and visual displays.

Dive in without getting wet and see animals that call the Solitary Islands home, including colourful clownfish darting amongst the waving tentacles of sea anemone, crayfish and sea urchins slowly cruising over rocks and ledges, the beautiful, but poisonous lionfish gracefully looking for its next meal, and brilliantly coloured angelfish, tangs and butterfly fish gliding over iridescent corals.

Located next to the Novotel Resort complex and open every weekend and NSW school holidays from 10am to 4pm, a visit to the Aquarium will be a memorable and enriching experience for all ages.

Updated: 09 September 2013